Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-12-10T03:20:35-05:00

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Cancelation due to weather2019-12-17T15:31:39-05:00

Weather cancelation policy / contact info here

What Should I Bring?2019-12-10T03:01:17-05:00

Each trip is unique. Check the tour description for details or call with any questions you might have. PHONE ##

Me, or someone in my group has special needs. Do you have an Asheville tour for us?2019-12-10T03:10:53-05:00

Asheville Adventure Company welcomes everyone. If you or someone in your group has special needs please give us call. One of our regular tours may be prefect, or we can design a custom adventure just for you!

How Fit Should I Be?2019-12-17T15:34:20-05:00